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Dobot: Stay true to your original intention and forge ahead


On the afternoon of August 20, 2020, the 18th China International Foundry Expo successfully closed in Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. As this year's large-scale industry, product coverage of the exhibition, the exhibition scale of 65,000 square meters, there are 673 exhibitors from home and abroad, the exhibits cover casting, die casting, nonferrous and special casting, industrial furnace and other fields, including innovative products, technical achievements and solutions.

The series of products exhibited by Dobot, which focuses on the special grinding solution for casting, can be described as a clean ride in the industry. A full range of models can be deeply adapted to various sizes and weights of products; The exhibition of core independent technologies and products such as visual aid disordered grasping and casting quality inspection has been highly favored and affirmed by the participating merchants.

This is a feast of the industry, but also a harvest journey. During the exhibition, Dobot not only harvested the valuable opinions of many end users and dealer friends, but also achieved a number of purchase intentions and purchase orders.

Review of previous exhibitions

In spring and autumn, time flies. Dobot has been accompanied by the China International Foundry Exhibition for three spring and autumn, and the China International Foundry Exhibition has also witnessed the growth of Dobot.

In May 2018, Dobot's self-developed KOMAK grinding machine dedicated grinding machine debuted at the 16th China International Casting Exhibition in Beijing.

In March 2019, Dobot exhibited an automated production line integrating visual recognition, no-grab, universal robot loading and unloading with a new generation of KOMAK grinding machines.


In August 2020, the Dobot product range was further improved with the successful exhibition of KOMAK-S, KOMAK-L, KOMAK-ECO and supporting visual recognition automation production lines for different customer needs.

Dobot 2018 Beijing Exhibition


Dobot 2019 Shanghai Exhibition


Dobot 2020 Shanghai Exhibition


In the past three years, DoBOT has exhibited from KOMAK single machine to a full range of products, which include standard automation equipment, well-designed entire production line engineering, and technical services such as management system software needed to build intelligent factories. With the continuous upgrading and optimization, and the continuous improvement of the product series, our understanding of "grinding" is also more profound and professional, which is more determined for us to further explore on this road.

"Do not forget the original heart, forge ahead". We will be rigorous work attitude, continue to focus on products, technology, service, based on the perfect after-sales system, to create more quality services for the majority of users friends.

Series of products real shooting


KOMAK-L: Large size model for products up to 120kg


KOMAK-ECO: (left) Cost-effective model, compatible with 0~220kg


KOMAK-S (right machine) with automated production line

The three-day exhibition came to a successful end! Dobot will continue to forge ahead, and will return to you with more excellent and diverse products and better services in the future, please look forward to it!

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