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KOMAK robot appeared at the 14th China (Shanghai) International Foundry Exhibition



"China (Shanghai) International Casting and Casting Exhibition" has been successfully held for 13 sessions, covering castings, casting molds, casting materials, casting equipment and casting supporting fields, and has developed into one of the highest specifications, high-level, professional and authoritative brand exhibitions in the industry. This exhibition 500 foundry and related enterprises gathered, exhibition area of 45,000 square meters, more than 30,000 professional visitors.

The exhibition industry's new DOBOT stood out in the list, by DOBOT self-developed KOMAK automatic grinding robot and machine supporting automated production line appeared at E7-B058 booth, DOBOT is looking forward to your visit!

◆◆DOBOT booth ◆◆

◆◆DOBOT Exhibition

◆◆KOMAK robot ◆◆

KOMAK series casting grinding robot is designed to solve the industry problems of irregular curved castings surface grinding, the whole machine is fully independent research and development, from the core robot brain multi-axis motion control algorithm, grinding process, mechanical design to intelligent fixture design, deep process cognition for casting grinding, more than 10 domestic independent research and development of patented inventions, All reflect the strong technical advantages of KOMAK robot. KOMAK robot is also a domestic autonomous research and development robot, filling the gap in the domestic market in this field, and all parts are produced domestically, so as to reduce equipment costs. It is used to replace the labor force of casting grinding workers, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and lay a good foundation for the future unmanned automated production factory.


◆◆ New product display ◆◆

This exhibition showcases our new products - automated production lines:

The machine equipped with automated production line can basically achieve fully automatic unattended operation, freeing the labor force, and can be matched with DAS intelligent cloud information platform to realize the production workshop PC, mobile phone and other mobile terminal monitoring, intelligent customization module can push the factory emergency to the manager's wechat terminal in time.

This automatic production line is composed of loading transmission system (double round trip), truss manipulator transfer system and blanking transmission belt, which greatly reduces manual duty time and can flexibly support multi-axis truss manipulator to grasp multiple workpieces. High fault tolerance of the feeding system and accurate positioning of the truss manipulator.

The exhibition lasts for three days, from November 1st to 3rd, DOBOT booth sincerely invites you to visit, we look forward to more wonderful exchanges and learning...


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