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KOMAK appeared at the 16th China International Foundry Expo


On May 16, 2018, the 16th China International Foundry Expo sponsored by China Foundry Association was grandly opened in Beijing · China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Hall).

China International Foundry Expo (MetalChina) is one of the two major exhibitions in the global foundry industry, the exhibition area of more than 80,000 square meters, many well-known enterprises at home and abroad are on the stage, creating a good opportunity for the pulse industry, talk about communication and cooperation.

The exhibition added a robot and automation exhibition area on the original exhibition content, and the industry's new DOBOT stood out in the list, and the KOMAK automatic grinding robot independently developed by DOBOT appeared in the W3T46 booth.


Figure 1DOBOT booth


FIG. 2DOBOT booth

KOMAK series casting grinding robot is designed to solve the industry problems of surface grinding of irregular curved castings, the whole machine is fully independent research and development, from the core robot brain multi-axis motion control algorithm, grinding process, mechanical design to intelligent fixture design, deep process cognition for casting grinding, more than 10 domestic first patented inventions, All reflect the strong technical advantages of KOMAK robot. KOMAK robot is also the first fully independent research and development robot in China, filling the gap in the domestic market in this field, and all parts are produced domestically, thereby reducing equipment costs. It is used to replace the labor force of casting grinding workers, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and lay a good foundation for the future unmanned automated production factory.


Figure 3KOMAK spy photo

On the first day of the exhibition, KOMAK became a highlight of the exhibition, and many people in the industry watched and consulted. 


Figure 4 Mr. Tang Yusheng, Vice President of China Foundry Association, visited the booth


Figure 5 Mr. Tang Yusheng, Vice President of China Foundry Association, visited the booth

At the same time, Wang Yuan, president of Shanxi Huaxiang Group, a giant in the foundry industry, went to the DOBOT booth to discuss cooperation and reached a cooperation intention.


Figure 6 Wang Yuan, President of Shanxi Huaxiang Group, visited

KOMAK has also made many foreign customers stop to consult, interest is high. During the exhibition, some customers directly brought the workpieces to test the processing performance of KOMAK, KOMAK did not let customers down, handed over a satisfactory answer sheet.


Figure 7 Foreign customers experience KOMAK performance

The exhibition lasts for four days, May 16 ~ 19, DOBOT booth invites you to visit, we look forward to more wonderful exchanges and learning...


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